Nicolas and Paul, on behalf of the Living Cultural Storybases organization, are indebted to The Christensen Fund, not only for this first chance to experience the varied cultures and landscapes of this beautiful country, but also to be able to get quickly into in-depth meetings of minds. Dr. Wolde Tadesse is much admired by the peoples of the Southern Nations. We were fortunate to get his advice on a packed and productive itinerary and his personal introductions to both community and association leaders. Darout who accompanied us throughout worked hard through long days as guide, interpreter and local expert, as well as Wondimu we are proud to call friends. Most of all, thoughout this tour, we were thankful for the hospitality, openness and trust that the all communities bestowed on us. If we can find sponsors, we hope we have a chance to repay their generosity through adding our LCS techniques to their own cultural re-vitalization work.

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