Sept 16th: Travel to Arba Minch

Our driver Mesfin took us West from Sheshemene off the main North-South arterial road, through the cross-road town of Sodo.

After savouring coffee which is delicious everywhere in Ethiopia, we then drove southwards, skirting the West side of lake Abaya.

The landscapes are hotter and drier and the journey slows down as the road deteriorates. We passed scenes of a quieter rural life, with people riding in horse-drawn transport rather than cars or walking to markets well-stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our hotel in Arba Minch has a beautiful clifftop location outside the main lake-side town, overlooking dense jungle below which runs up a facing mountain peak, with the lakes of Chamo and Abaya in the distance. The name Arba Minch comes from the forty mountain springs which converge here.

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